Vytautas Kašėta

President of Crypto Economy Organisation


Vytautas Kašėta is the president of Crypto Economy Organisation, the association that unites and represents professionals and companies working in the field of distributed technologies, blockchain and crypto economics, a board member of Blockchain Centre Vilnius, advisor to commercial and public companies on token economics, distributed systems architecture, cybersecurity, and blockchain use cases.

Vytautas is an active public figure, crypto economics visionary and active member of the crypto ecosystem, participating in various projects enabling distributed technologies and crypto economic development.
Vytautas has the track record in consulting businesses on ICT management and cybersecurity, he used to work for the government of Lithuania in the field of personal biometric travelers documents, he was involved in creating and managing public key cryptography infrastructures on the European level

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Why haven’t more startups jumped on the token bandwagon instead of going through the traditional venture capital fundraising process?

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