Daiva Gerulytė

CEO, Board Member at Kofinansavimas


An Investment Committee Member of co-investment VC fund “Koinvesticinis fondas”, CEO and Board Member of “Kofinansavimas” Ltd, as well as Board Member of the Lithuanian business angel network LITBAN.

After more than twenty years in financial markets as a business unit leader and fund manager in Lithuania and Sweden, in recent years, Daiva Gerulytė turned to the startup ecosystem. She started as a startup founder but then took up the challenge to become a co-manager of a VC fund“ Koinvesticinis fondas”, which invests state funds in early-stage startups and SMEs together with business angels and private VC funds. Daiva takes an active part in building Lithuanian business angel community as well. 

Daiva has competences in the financial industry, leadership, business development, change management, as well as good negotiation, IT and communication skills. She is the author of articles published in the Lithuanian Encyclopedia Vol. VIII, different articles in financial newspapers and magazines, co-author of investment management guide “Investiciju valdymas” and expert editor of The BFAA Workbook for Investment related licenses (Lithuanian edition).

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Why haven’t more startups jumped on the token bandwagon instead of going through the traditional venture capital fundraising process?

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